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8 April 2014

Julia Quinn took the reigns from Eloisa James this month, guest editing Reading RomanceEloisa’s monthly reviews column for Barnes & Noble. Discover five picks hand-picked by JQ in “I’d Know Her Voice Anywhere.”

Seven titles currently under $5 (ebook)

31 March 2014

What a way to welcome SPRING! Kindle shows seven JQ titles at varying prices under $5 — ibooks and Nook match most. Let the sun shine in for two of the Smythe-Smith books: The Sum of All Kisses, and It’s in His Kiss, and these four novels, too: On the Way to the Wedding, Brighter Than the Sun, Dancing at Midnight, Splendid, and JQ’s collaboration with Eloisa James and Connie Brockway: The Lady Most Likely…

Idaho & Maine ♥ JQ… and JQ ♥ Idaho & Maine

6 March 2014

According to Scribd, The Lost Duke of Wyndham and Everything and the Moon were the most widely read titles in Idaho and Maine respectively. These results were not limited to romance novels—Neil Gaiman was hot in Illinois, and Agatha Christie rules in Texas. Check out the whole list or see a visual representation on BuzzFeed.

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